Cixi Jiacheng Embroidery Co.,LTD

Add:SanBei Industrial Zone,Longshan Town,CiXi,Zhejiang Province



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Cixi Jiacheng Embroidery Co.,LTD. is located in Sanbei Town, which is the important town of Cixi. The company is closely near the 329 national Road, so the communication is very convenient.

The company is a scale enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of computer embroidery, winding embroidery and shuttle embroidery, and now it has the work enrolment of more than 450 employees. It annually produce 2,000,000 meters of water depth lace, embroidered face fabric, etc. The products have exquisite sorting, pure and excellent quality, new and unique design. Since the products put on the market, the demand exceeds the supply all the time, which have good reputation among the clients. Besides satisfying the national market, its products are also far sold to foreign countries and districts, such as Japan, Europe and America, Middle-East, Hong Kong, etc.

With the further development of the enterprise, its foreign trade rises day by day. The company already has its private import and export power, the construction of the new industrial area has also develops. It makes a requisition of land of 20 acres, and newly increases the area of building of 10000 square meters, and will bring in advanced embroidered equipments of more than 10, adopting mature production technology, its annual productivity of high-quality embroidered face fabric will be 3,300,000 meters after construction.

The company wholeheartedly welcomes the instruction and cooperation of national and international new and old clients by advanced production technology, excellent technical personnel, high-quality enterprise management, stronger economic strength and production scale. It is willing to provide you excellent products and excellent service.

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